Whether you're installing a polycarbonate or a PVC corrugated roof, a metal or bitumen roof structure, you'll need the correct screws to make the fitting and fixing process as straightforward as possible. Choosing the correct screws will also ensure that your roof sheeting stays reliably and firmly fixed in place - but where do you start? And what are the best types of screws for my roof sheeting project?

Sheeting screws and similar fixings need to be strong and secure, corrosion resistant, easy to drive into roofing sub-structures, offer watertight protection to guard against rain ingress and durable enough to withstand the effects of outdoor weathering. Other key features to look out for include a self-drilling design - allowing the screw to self-tap its own thread without the requirement for pre-drilling pilot holes - as well as rainproof caps, a generous pack size and an array of colours to match your roof sheets.

Without the correct screws and fixings, you'll not only impact the aesthetic appeal of your project, you're also at risk of your roof sheeting coming loose or even leaking, cracking and splitting due to natural expansion and contraction throughout the year.

Therefore, among all the different roof sheeting options available to you, you'll need the correct screws to match your roof sheeting project. Sheeting Giant has a wide range of fixing accessories to cover every angle of the roof sheeting installation process. We've sourced only the very best fixing screws from trusted brands, including Surge, Vistalux, RoofTrade and Corotile.

Polycarbonate Sheeting

Surge Self-Drilling Fixing Screws

This fixing pack contains 30 self-drilling screws with a hex-head design to fix glazing bars to wallplates and eavesbeams in your polycarbonate sheeting project.

If you're installing polycarbonate sheeting on a roof, you'll also find fixing buttons and other key sections, trims, sheet closures and finishing caps at Sheeting Giant.

PVC Sheeting

Vistalux PVC Roofing Sheet Super Fixings

Essential for any Vistalux Lightweight PVC Corrugated Roof Sheeting project, these Super Fixings are designed for installing PVC roof sheets on timber structures, helping to prevent over-tightening of the fixings. You'll receive a pack of 10 fixings, including waterproof caps and spacing washers to ensure a secure, reliable and protective finish to your PVC roof sheeting structure.

Bitumen Sheeting

RoofTrade Corrugated Bitumen Roof Sheet Fixing Nails

If you're installing bitumen corrugated sheets to timber sub-structures with a waterproof fixing, these nails are made with rainproof monoblock plastic-capped heads for additional outdoor protection and allow water to drain down the troughs. Whether your bitumen sheets are black, green or red in colour, you can ensure your fixings blend seamlessly with your roof for a smart, clean and immaculate-looking finish.

Metal Sheeting

Corotile Screws & Washers

For Corotile Metal Roof Sheeting jobs, this screws and washers fixing pack is ideal for securing your metal sheets to timber structures and will prevent over-tightening in the process to protect the quality of your sheeting. Once in place, they'll create a strong, rigid and secure fit and the black waterproof caps will also protect against any rainwater ingress.

Fibre Cement Sheeting

Eternit Topfix Fasteners

Install your strong, long-lasting and low-maintenance fibre cement sheeting with these self-drilling fixings for both roofing and cladding projects. These anti-corrosion screws and washers feature an extra high head to ensure a better fit of the bit while also acting as a seal to prevent water penetration. You can also choose between either stainless steel or carbon steel fixings to match the particular harshness of the environment you're installing your fibre cement sheets in and to bolster the longevity of your roof.