When it comes to fast, strong, reliable roofing, nothing matches the convenience and practical quality of roof sheeting. From polycarbonate to PVC, metal to bitumen - there are a wide array of versatile sheeting materials available to match the precise requirements and specific demands of your next roofing project.

Although the full range of roof sheets shouldn't be overlooked, there's typically one central question that needs answering about the two most frequently used types of roof sheets: Should I go with metal or plastic roof sheeting?

From roofing, siding and cladding to agricultural, construction and DIY projects - it's essential that you choose the right roof sheets to ensure your next project is a successful one. Metal and plastic roof sheeting both have their own pros and cons related to durability, lifespan, workability and price point that you need to weigh up before you click 'buy'.

In our latest blog, Sheeting Giant will take out all the guesswork before you embark on your next sheeting job.

We'll explore the advantages of using the two most frequently used sheeting materials on the market - helping to answer the burning question... Should I choose plastic or metal roof sheeting?

What Are The Advantages Of Using Plastic Roof Sheeting?

  • Easy to install: Plastic sheets are fast and simple to cut and fit in place, requiring only simple fixings to secure your sheets. Polycarbonate are the easiest to cut in the same way across all thicknesses.
  • Available in different colours and levels of transparency: Depending on your project requirements, you can choose from a range of colours and even opt for obscured sheeting for added privacy. The Solarguard option, available with some of our plastic sheeting, will reduce solar glare and subdue dazzling brightness.
  • Hardwearing: Depending on the plastic sheeting you opt for, you'll benefit from high impact resistance and exceptional resistance to chemicals, weather and UV radiation.
  • Lightweight: Plastic roof sheeting is incredibly easy to handle, store, transport and work with thanks to its light-in-weight composition.
  • Affordable: Plastic sheeting is a more economical choice than many other sheeting alternatives, saving you money on your next sheeting project.
  • Easy to clean: No complicated cleaning requirements are needed to maintain your sheeting. Some of our plastic sheeting even comes with self-cleaning properties that will allow organic debris and dirt to easily wash away from the surface of the sheet.

What Are The Advantages of Using Metal Roof Sheeting?

  • Highly durable & weather resistant: Metal roof sheets are incredibly hardwearing and long-lasting, capable of holding up against harsh weather such as heavy rain, wind and even snow while also providing high levels of impact resistance over the course of your sheeting's lifespan. This durability is the result of the tough steel construction that is often specially coated in a plastisol skin or similar exterior layer to bolster protection.
  • Impressive longevity: Many metal roof sheets can last up to 25 years, and even up to 50 years in some cases, if properly maintained.
  • Insulating barrier protection: Metal roof sheets not only provide heat insulation they're also a great sound insulator too, helping to deaden rain noise and dampen distracting ambient noises from beyond the confines of your sheeting structure or roof sheeting project.
  • Anti-condensation construction: With some of our metal sheeting, you can opt for an anti-condensation fleece that's applied to the underside of the sheet to prevent problems associated with moisture build up.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Available in a unique range of colours that give your sheeting a premium appearance. Metal sheeting is a smarter, sleeker and more professional option for higher-end projects.

Which Roof Sheeting Option Should I Choose?

For most simple, straightforward, everyday roof sheeting jobs where affordability, durability and easy installation are key and aesthetics are less of a concern, plastic roof sheets are going to be your best option. Plastic sheeting is ideal for lean-tos, greenhouses, sheds, conservatory roofing and outdoor storage buildings.

If you're looking to prioritise longevity, visual appeal and the highest levels of durability and professional quality, we recommend opting for metal roof sheets, particularly in commercial, agricultural and industrial applications as well as smart garages and sturdier garden buildings.